About Us

“We believe and work for total Customer/Client Satisfaction with Environment Concerns”

Global Enviro Solution (an Environmental, safety Consultancy) laid its foundation in 2014. Its India’s prominent consultancy group contributing specialized strategic services in the areas of Environment, Health & Safety Impact Assessments, Safe waste management facilities& Process safety with an inter-disciplinary approach in various industries i.e. Real estate, Mines & Minerals, Cement, Steel & Power, Pharmaceuticals, Oil & gas, Chemical etc.

Global Enviro Solution is a leading environmental consultancy with an unrivalled reputation for providing expert, tailored services. With offices in Gurgaon, Dehradun and Patna, GES is one of a very small number of specialists providing advice and support on a wide range of strategic and site-specific issues related to environment and safety, to a diverse and growing base of business.

GES specializes in Environmental Clearance, CTE, CTO, Environment Audit, ISO Certification, Safety Audit, Compliance Report, Forest Clearance, Mining Plan Preparation, Monitoring Survey, designing & installation of ETP, ERS, Rainwater harvesting Systems along with other Environment and Safety Services. The company has also collaborated Environmental laboratory for the better and quick services for our valuable customers & clients.

The name of our Company is Global Enviro Solution; itself describes its functions that provide all types of Environmental and safety Solution for entire location in India. The firm is emphasis on professionalism, reliability and the ability to supply tailor-made solutions to our valuable client/customers. Our compact and talented team comprises of Environmentalists, Biotechnologist, Microbiologist, Geologists, Engineers, Technicians, Chemists, Research Associates, Sociologists, Policy Makers and others with expertise in various functional areas.